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Information on the module Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Module opportunities

Information on the module

The module aims at providing those, who are interested in professional realization in the field, with information on the system of food safety, known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). HACCP is based upon the recognition of the food control as a preventive control of the critical points in the food processing industry, and GMP (Good Manufacture Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) as the basic practices necessary for building and implementing the HACCP plan.

Target groups
The module is suitable for people disadvantaged at the labor market who need updating and refreshment of their competence, qualification and skills in the field of main practices, necessary for creation and implementation of a HACCP plan.

Module content
The concept of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP) is developed the beginning of 70s years of XXth century, as a system for food safety.
The basic principles, that have determined this concept, are not new but they are input as a result of the transfer of the accent from the test of the end product to the preventive control of the critical points in the food processing industry. HACCP is based on the recognition that the producers are responsible for the determination of the critical points of manufacture of safe foods. It helps the food producers increase the effectiveness of the control, as successive and systematic control of operations, which aims at safety of foods. It offers the inspecting in the food processing industry to receive complete and correct information on one technology and on the control measures that are used in it for a long time.
In its ground HACCP is a system that identifies and controls specific risks biological, chemical and physical ones, included in every food product. These risks can have negative influence on the safety of food products. Hazard analysis acts as a basis for identification of critical control points (CCPs).
The critical control points in the process of manufacture have to be controlled for the safety of foods. The critical borders come later they prove the necessary parameters by documents. These parameters have to be kept at every CCP. The steps of control of potential risks are also involved in the system.
These are the basic preconditions for input of HACCP in every manufacture GMP (Good Manufacture Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GHP (Good Hygiene Practice). These basic preconditions are absolutely necessary for building and input of every HACCP plan.
Additionally, the connection between the series of ISO 9000 standards and HACCP-system has also to be marked. The both systems are developed on the basis of good hygiene, manufacture and laboratory practices (GHP, GMP, GLP). According to the Directive 93/43/EEC (Directive for hygiene of foods) of the EC, it is advisable the series of ISO 9000 to be input in order to support the innovation of HACCP-plans and GMP, if it is necessary.


Teaching, Learning and Assessment
The module is suitable for distance and semi-autonomous training, as well as for group training with a tutor. The materials, which are used, are printed and electronic-based. The ROMB Ltd. will develop and perform the testing sessions and assessment/self-assessment procedures using written tests/questionnaires and study questions along the project life and at the final (testing) phase. Testing phases will be realized mainly in SMEs sector.
The feedback for the module content will be considered in estimation of the effectiveness of the system and its methods.

Module opportunities
The module provides the trainees with appropriate skills and competences in GMP, GLP, and GHP; it enlarges the trainees knowledge of the needs of food processing industry and methods for foods control, as well as of the series of ISO 9000 standards and their implementation in the process of innovating the HACCP plans and GMP.

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